Review for the Ferrari Sergio 2015

The 2015 Ferrari Sergio is based on a radical design concept that is the result of creative collaboration between Ferrari and Pininfarina. Since 2013 when the design was first introduced at the Geneva Motor Show, car enthusiasts have been waiting in anticipation for the official launch of the car. In 2015, the autos model has been launched. How does it fare? Read on and find out.

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Ferrari 250 GTO Smashes Auction Record Set By Mercedes-Benz W196

Mercedes-Benz W196 Key Statistics:

Sold for: $29.7 million

Auctioneer: Bonham’s

Location: Chichester, U.K. (July, 2013)

Ferrari 250 GTO Key Statistics:

Sold For: $38 million

Auctioneer: Bonham’s

Location: California (August, 2014)

Vintage and classic cars are now more popular than ever. With huge celebrities such as Jay Leno and Chris Evans being proud owners of an entire garage of classics (Chris Evans even started classic car day this year), classic cars are now in the public eye more than they ever were before.


This helps partially explain why these two cars have sold for astronomical sums. In fact, their sales are not in isolation and they’re part of a wider trend in motoring which has seen classic car sales at auctions pass $1 billion in a year for the first time ever in 2013.

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F50 The Best Model of the Ferrari

ferrari f50That’s in blood of the people to use quickest, gorgeous and optimal cars. Ferrari the world one of the finest trader cars making company has launched F50 in 1995 to celebrate the Ferrari’s 50th anniversary. Ferrari F50 marketed as a ‘Formula 1 racingcar for the road’.


The car was designed unique for the purpose: there was a style in it. The tops of the gadget involved in a single scan of the front air intake of the rear spoiler. The F50 available colors are red, red Bartlett, yellow, black and grey.  The body material of F50 was made entirely of carbon fibre, weighing 225 lbs and at offering a torsion al rigidity of 25,677 lbs-ft/°. That’s the two seated car with 1620 mm front track. The engine-trans axle assembly was rigidly attached to the body. This V12 engineis directly evolved from the syn-chronic 3.5 liter V12 engines and used the same five valve per cylinder technology.

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Largest parade of ferrari cars


Ferrari North Europe had set the Guinness world record with 385 cars on the Silverstone Circuit during the Ferrari racing days in 2007. But lost the title in 2008 after 490 supercars gathered at the Fuji Speedway Circuit in Shizuoka, Japan. Now, Ferrari north Europe is on target to break the Guinness world record once again.

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