The Toyota Yaris – The Little Car That Could And Still Can

If you’re talking about handy, reliable cars, then there are a few brands that immediately jump out. Honda. Mitsubishi. Toyota. In particular, the Toyota Yaris has always been one of the most economically sound, safe drives out there. It has never been particularly exciting. It is not a car for the passionate souls out there. … Read more

Toyota: The Smarter Choice For Car Buyers?

Toyota is a car marque with a long and rich history. The Japanese firm are innovators of the automotive industry. Their cars are all owned by millions around the world.

But, when it comes to buying a new car, is Toyota a brand you should consider? And, if so, why? The short answer is yes: Toyota is the smarter choice for today’s car buyer. Let me explain why:

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Toyota RAV4 – Review

One of the best small SUV’s that have been developed by the leading global auto manufacturer Toyota, the Toyota RAV4 is kind of a trailblazer when it comes to the crossover SUVs.

It was one of the best when the first model was launched and it has continuously improved to remain at the top of the line ever since. Now in its fourth generation, the Toyota RAV4 is as ready to compete with some of the more recent entries as it ever was.


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