Largest parade of ferrari cars


Ferrari North Europe had set the Guinness world record with 385 cars on the Silverstone Circuit during the Ferrari racing days in 2007. But lost the title in 2008 after 490 supercars gathered at the Fuji Speedway Circuit in Shizuoka, Japan. Now, Ferrari north Europe is on target to break the Guinness world record once again.

June 2012, Over 600 Ferrari registered for largest parade of Ferrari cars for breaking the Guinness world record. They announced this news after registered 600 cars on a parade. The Ferrari Europe’s company ambition is to set a Guinness world record with 1000 cars. Therefore, registrations remain open for the final 400 spaces.

Ferrari racing at Silver-stone Circuit is the only motor racing event in UK where Ferrari fans will see the ultra-exclusive FXX and 599XX. In addition, Ferrari will be donating £5 for every car entered into the world record attempt to BEN.

Ferrari racing days, held at Silverstone Circuit 15-16 September. That’ll set the bar high enough when the event takes place on September 15.