Nissan Plans to Sell Self-driving Cars by 2020

Nissan, a leading brand in commercial vehicles, since its inception in 1911 it has been streaming the innovation from heavy body General Motors to Nissan LEAF electric cars, 2010 and the pronouncement to market the first ‘Autonomous Electric Car’ by 2020. The company formerly marketed the vehicles under the “Datsun” brand name. Through the globalization in almost every industry the Japanese oriented Company had also decided to expand and first merged with Austin Motor Company, US in 1934 and manufactured its first collaboratively designed vehicle Datsun model 16 in 1937.

Kwaishinsha Motor Car

Masujiro Hashimoto originated ‘The Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works’ in 1911 and in 1914 the company designed and manufactured its first car, entitled DAT. The dynamic vehicle company in a transition to convalesce from the technological vacuum by the war years, Nissan has accomplished a technical association with Austin Motor Co. Ltd.


Nissan – The Pioneer Automaker in Japan

Located in U.K. in 1952, and persuaded the first Austin off the line right after a year. In 1958, one of the two Datsun 210 cars put in the Australian Rally and annexed its championship. Nissan is the pioneer automaker in Japan to entertain the annual Deming Prize for engineering brilliance in 1960. And through the progression epoch, Nissan has been gradually heading towards a well-established organisation to sustain the company’s dynamic advancement.

Nissan Sunny in 1966

During the motorization in Japan, the Nissan Sunny in 1966 proclaimed the advent of the “my car” epoch in Japan, and became the chief driving force behind swift advancement in the small-car market. The progress of motorization augmented the accidents ratio and elevated the air pollution issue. Nissan engineered its first Experimental Safety Vehicle (ESV) in 1971 and has taken up a vast range of safety technologies in the manufacturing the vehicles over the years since then.

Globalization and the Challenges of Motorization – Nissan Addressed

To address the globalization and the challenges of motorization, Nissan has been functioning dynamically to concentrate on global environmental issues that have a great impact over almost every industry in recent years. The company’s environmental strives for the development of clean power (Electrical powered vehicles) sources for vehicles and a large variety of activities to endorse the recycling of natural resources. Since 1997, Nissan has engineered and marketed one new-fangled model after another en suite with fuel-efficient direct-injection gasoline engines and direct-injection diesel engines. Nissan has also been dynamically expanding appliance of the belt-driven HYPER CVT incessantly variable transmission that transports enhanced fuel economy.

Nissan LEAF

The Nissan LEAF autonomous drive has been the benchmark for the Nissan Company as the best-selling vehicle of the 2010. The success of this first autonomous family car has provided the company with the advent of ‘Self-drive autonomous’ vehicle by 2020. According to the Chief Executive of the Company, Carlos Ghosn the company has now at the attempt of engineering the Autonomous Drive 2020 through ground-breaking technology.

The vehicle is characteristically features that would capture fractional control of a car in particular situations to conduct tasks such as dynamic cruise control that automatically sustains a balance drive between vehicles in traffic, automatic brake mechanism, lane-keeping and oriented to accurate parking. Nissan’s current engineered vehicle Q50 espoused the Infiniti luxury division has also some of the features experimented for the quality feedback to launch the ‘Autonomous Drive (self-drive vehicle2020)’ in the global market.