Truck Accidents- Risk Factors Every Driver Must Be Aware Of

Auto accidents are common, and even the best drivers are at risk. Some mishaps happen due to another driver’s negligence, and you cannot avoid them, no matter how conscious you are. Truck accidents are the most daunting among road mishaps because the sheer size of the vehicle makes them dangerous. The statistics of severe injuries and loss of life in such mishaps are alarmingly high. The worst part is that the cost of the injuries and damages can run in thousands.

Moreover, a truck accident claim is complex because it is a battle with the trucking company and its insurance provider instead of the negligent driver. You may find yourself facing a team of professionals trying to fix you with a lowball offer or pay nothing at all. As a driver, you must do your best to avoid such accidents in the first place. Awareness is the key as it enables you to foresee the risks and prevent them as far as possible. Here are the risk factors every driver must be aware of.

Malfunctioning Brakes

Like any other heavy vehicle, a truck has air brakes that are effective enough to stop a loaded vehicle from traveling at an optimal speed. But a brake malfunction or failure can make a truck a deadly force. Even the best driver cannot stop it from destroying anything in the way. Unfortunately, such malfunctions occur due to a lack of vehicle maintenance, and the trucking company is responsible for negligence. The dangerous scenario can cause immense destruction as it endangers the life of the truck driver and the others on the road.

Tire Blowout

A tire blowout is another grave risk factor you cannot overlook. Bald tires are common for heavy vehicles that carry tons of load and travel long distances. The road conditions also affect the tires and cause wear and tear over time. Although bald tires do not seem much of a concern for other drivers, they can lead to a mishap. The truck driver and owner must keep an eye on the tires, and ensure scheduled maintenance and replacement to avert the risk. Not doing so accounts for negligence, and victims can seek compensation on this account.


Truck Accidents

Rollovers are perhaps the most common type of truck mishap. They happen when a driver loses control of the vehicle, and it starts sliding sideways. An obstruction such as a guardrail, curb, uneven ground, or another vehicle can cause the truck to trip and roll over. The risk also runs high for overloaded vehicles. A car traveling behind or beside the truck can get damaged in a rollover. The severity of such mishaps causes high fatality rates. If you sustain injuries in a rollover, you must chat with a truck accident attorney right away. These professionals can help you build a strong personal injury claim against the trucking company to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Blind Spot Accident

Another trucking mishap risk you cannot overlook is a blind spot accident. These large vehicles have no zone areas or blind spots that can cause accidents because the driver cannot see other vehicles. The basic rule is that the truck driver cannot spot you if you cannot see him in his side mirror. Blind spots are on the left and right sides of the vehicle. Likewise, drivers are not able to spot the cars following too closely behind, so you must maintain a safe distance.

Swinging Turn

Truck Accidents

A swinging turn or squeeze play accident occurs when a truck collides with another vehicle while turning. It can happen in several ways, such as the vehicle swinging left to make a right turn (or versa), making too wide of a turn, or squeezing the vehicles beside it by not turning wide enough. Either way, the mishap can crush other vehicles and cause severe injuries to the occupants. These truck accidents often occur due to the negligence of the truck driver. The only way to avert such mishaps is by maintaining a safe distance from the truck.

Being aware of the road conditions should be your priority every time you get behind the wheel. But you cannot be too ready for a truck accident risk because they often happen on busy highways, where conditions change in a split second. However, caution gives you a good chance of averting them. But mishaps still happen, and you must know what to do. Saving life should be the top concern. Also, gather evidence from the spot and connect with an attorney to claim compensation for your injuries and damages.