Why Should I Buy Second-Hand Car Parts For My Toyota?

As per a recent survey, Toyota is the second most used or popular car brand in New Zealand. This means that at any point in the day, there are hundreds of Toyota cars running on New Zealand’s roads.

And if there is such a large customer base for this world-famous automobile brand, demand for Toyota parts Auckland or any other metro city of NZ witnesses is also large. In such a scenario, considering buying used car parts in order to replace the damaged ones in your car can prove to be beneficial for your pocket as well as for the environment.

Are Used Car Parts Any Good?

We believe in sustainability, thus for us, the New Zealanders, recycling is a way of life and, for good. Then why should you hesitate in installing refurbished parts in your automobiles in the event of a breakdown?

And yes, it’s good, not just ethically and environmentally, but also practically. These automobile parts last long without breaking your bank. An important point to remember here is to buy only the branded refurbished parts.

Otherwise, you’d find yourself on the losing end as unbranded car parts and accessories do not come with Toyota’s promise of quality. Toyota creates one of the most sturdy cars around the globe. But what good is it if you have to buy new parts or replace your entire vehicle in case of an accident or breakdown, right?

Companies that sell such parts, also known as car wreckers in New Zealand, make sure that these used car parts are refurbished properly, before putting them back into the market. Thus, you can be assured of the quality of your purchase.

Second-Hand Car Parts
Source: Pexels.com

Advantages of Using Second-Hand Car Parts

1- Budget-friendly: Purchasing second-hand car parts instead of new ones is always light on the pocket. And when the car is Toyota, getting new ones can sometimes cause quite a deep hole in your budget. And even if this newly bought used part breaks down soon after being installed, it won’t hurt as much as a new one would.

2- Novel over New: Buying a shiny new accessory for your Toyota might feel enticing at first but when it becomes a recurring affair, that feeling won’t last. And then you’d be enticed to move to local parts – new but of compromised quality. Such decisions won’t do you any good in the long run. Therefore, a second-hand branded accessory will any day triumph over a non-branded one.

3- Accessibility: In times of emergency, replacing a damaged auto part is important. But with new ones, it might not always be accessible. In such cases, junkyards selling used cars can prove to be life-savers.

4- Environmental-Friendly: We all know how badly we need to save our planet. But if every time there’s a wreck in your car and you simply replace it with a new one, you’re taking one step back from conserving the environment. To build new tools, accessories, cars, etc., lots of water, fuel, money, and other resources are used and if we end up using these so radically, sustainability will be a lone dream.


We believe we have persuaded you enough to hit a garage or junkyard instead of a showroom the next time your Toyota breaks down. However, considering the quality of automobiles the company releases, it’s not that usual. But whenever it happens, try your hand for a second hand.

If not, remember BAR: Budget-friendly, Accessible, and Recycle!

Save on your money, save on your time (second-hand parts are easily available), and save Earth. It is the new cool. If you can reuse your daily plastic, why not bring the same to your wheels?