Special Pipe Taps

What exactly are Special Pipe Taps?

In simple and basic language, pipe taps are use to create some sort of a threading system. These pipe taps are the perfect tools for purposes like these. There have been other tools made to do this job as well-however they’re not as readily accepted by the general public.

When it comes to pipe fitting or even mechanical machining, the end of your pipe has to be threaded in that case. It is only when such difficult situations are created that there is only one such tool that is perfect for this task- Special Pipe taps.


The pipe tap helps in creating a ‘female’ end of the pipe-as it would be used for receiving. The pipe tap also referred to as a threading tap is ideal in creating threads in any metallic pipe.

However the special pipe taps come in different ranges and sizes. They are used therefore to thread and rethread materials like steel, brass, copper and aluminum.

What are Special Pipe Taps made of?

A pipe tap is made out of a form of steel alloy. There many times that it is even made of hardened steel. The reason, why it is made of alloy is so that it becomes much harder than the pipes that are made out of metal.

The pipe tap has to be hard and strong as it has to be at some point be inserted into the female end of the pipe. There has to be a lot of pressure applied to the tap or it will not cut the pipe properly. A pipe tap is even said to resemble a shortened lock of some sort-with threads on one end and a square head on the other end

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