Amazing Car Features to Watch Out For


Fortunately, many car designers are now paying increasing attention to features that offer convenience and comfort in addition to being aesthetically pleasing to the user. Due to this shift in trend we are witnessing cars that are not only super-efficient engines of transportation but in fact delight and amaze us. Here are some of the … Read more

At VW’s Mexico plant, the biggest car factory in North America still has room to grow

For different automakers in the Mexico who actually love to manufacture vehicles in the Western side, as Mexico is known as a great highlighted spot for car manufacturing, as well as it offers trouble-free shipping to lots of countries by means of trade deals which are free. So, Mexico is considered as a best option.

Mexico is considered as a total chaos and disorder place. After noticing certain things, capability of Volkswagen present away from Puebla, in America, the major manufacturing plant of car is present as well as the 2nd largest facility of Volkswagen in whole globe, known to be an international order paragon, sanitation, in addition organization.


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Honda Unveils New 3.5-Liter Racing Engine

Nobody can deny that several producers are meant to be very strong on car’s movement, diverting their attention on producing vehicles which are fuel-efficient and hybrid. Even though it appears that slowly their focus on creating great-performance car models are diminishing. In the world of motorsports, still Honda is dominating one.

The great example of their enthusiasm would be their most recent Type R of Civic, which might become exposed in Geneva upcoming month. However it is not known to be single project on which they might work as HPD (Honda Performance Development), furthermore also they have revealed a latest engine of 3.5-liter V6 which might helpful in racing championship.


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Nissan Plans to Sell Self-driving Cars by 2020

Nissan, a leading brand in commercial vehicles, since its inception in 1911 it has been streaming the innovation from heavy body General Motors to Nissan LEAF electric cars, 2010 and the pronouncement to market the first ‘Autonomous Electric Car’ by 2020. The company formerly marketed the vehicles under the “Datsun” brand name. Through the globalization in almost every industry the Japanese oriented Company had also decided to expand and first merged with Austin Motor Company, US in 1934 and manufactured its first collaboratively designed vehicle Datsun model 16 in 1937.

Kwaishinsha Motor Car

Masujiro Hashimoto originated ‘The Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works’ in 1911 and in 1914 the company designed and manufactured its first car, entitled DAT. The dynamic vehicle company in a transition to convalesce from the technological vacuum by the war years, Nissan has accomplished a technical association with Austin Motor Co. Ltd.


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Worst Car Accident in the History of Car Racing – An Electrifying News

Dan Wheldon was only 33 years old when he was fatally killed in a tragic car accident as he was competing in the Las Vegas Indy 300. It was one of the most dangerous pile-ups in the history of the Las Vegas Indy 300. Dan Wheldon was one of the leading British car racers and was devoted to his profession.


He was also a conscientious racer and openly expressed his concerns about the lack of appropriate safety standards being maintained by the Las Vegas Indy 300. Unfortunately, those very safety loopholes were going to cost him his life as he competed in the last Las Vegas Indy 300 of his life.

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National Plug in Day Electrifies 65 Cities across the Nation

Free electric and plug-in hybrid car event, The National Plug in Day 2012 was celebrated and demonstrated in sixty five cities of the United States, including thousands of electric owners, buyers and makers. The objective of National Plug in Day is to make people more familiar with electric cars, buses etc. These cars are so reliable that it does not need to change oil, no tune ups. Moreover, electric vehicles have ten times less moving parts than a gasoline car. The interesting thing is that, there is no fuel tank, spark plug, clutch or catalytic converter, so it is safe to drive and Eco friendly.

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